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About me

My name is Miroslav Bohovic. In 2009 I graduated from the University of Matej Bell in Banská Bystrica, where I studied mathematics department teaching informatics.
Since april 2010 working as a freelancer in the IT field, where focus mainly on the part of the web developer. I started with the team i was in college.
In the context of this work focuses primarily on web applications where I work with - (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, MySQL, PHP ...

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I offer services in information technology (IT)
  • Web site development, their programmed (scripting) in php, design.
  • Providing web hosting and ordering domain.
  • Hardware support.
  • Create a simple application in C, C ++.

Mathematics and computer tutoring for pupils and students in elementary, secondary and university education.


My main hobbies include computers and things associated with it. Very much i like listening to music, doing sports, going on bike, I play amateur hockey, skiing....

My work

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  • questbook :: na stranke sa pracuje
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E-mail:[javascript protected email address]